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ISO 27001 – Information Security Management

Information is one of the vital resources of the modern organizations. The volume of data exploited and the volume of data used in every transaction of the business reflects the nature of firms operations and its profitability.

Apart from concerns about this information, organizations also have systems in place that will monitor and effectively manage its computing infrastructure. Indeed, it is hard to find a firm without computers. Hence information security risks, confidentiality and integrity of information assets are one of the key priorities of modern digital firms.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is a standard developed by ISO which provides guidance to organizations on managing the information systems. It includes the management of security risks which matters a lot not only for the organization but its various existing and potential stakeholders as well.

ISO 27001 establishes recommendations on info-security management, risks and controls; IT lay down requirements pertaining to the information security management system (ISMS).

ISO 27001 provides organizations with a process approach that aids in establishing, implementing, operating, and continually monitoring the organizational ISMS.

It has to be noted that ISO 27001 is not a technical standard that focuses only on information technology, nor does it describe ISMS within the organization. Rather, it is a framework that guides organization towards complying with information security legislation. Its focus extends to various organizational resources and processes as well.

It can be integrated with other management standards or implemented on its own.

Who is the standard relevant to?

Information security threats are global in nature. Any organization that utilises primary electronic information is at the risk of the information breach. Data is exposed to many external risks as it is loosely available on the internet. Some form of risks pondering over data includes internal corruption; external hacks, theft, or natural disaster. Loss of data can bring business to a cease.

Considering the above factors, a number of legal obligations are levied upon organizations with regards to managing and maintain information and data security.

Any organization seeking to stay away from above firms should maintain a formal ISMS that guide towards the development of best practice. Hence this standard becomes relevant to all those firms concerning to comply with legal obligation and personal concern for information management and data security

How does the standard work?

  • ISO 27001 provides a security governance framework. It allows in better management of security services.
  • It strengthens an organizational security program through continuous management and maintenance of the security infrastructure
  • It delivers mechanism for third parties to validate security system procedure
  • Provide secured services team with tools to formally assess and address security risk management
  • Regulates consistent improvements of the ISMS

AM I Eligible?

It is much further from a truth that information security is a technology issue. There is a wide assumption that anything that deals with securing data and preventing systems from hacks is technological issues.

Any organization, big or small, and irrespective of the volume of data transacted, as long as they have information that is to be protected, and information that is vulnerable to threats is eligible to adopt ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 Advantages:

  • ISO 27001 certification will ensure the business stakeholders that organsization has put best information security process in place. Thus they can feel secures
  • It helps in securing organizational information in all forms such as hard copies, digital versions, intellect resource, data on systems and personal information
  • Implementing effective ISMS will increase organizational resilience towards various forms of internal, external and uncontrollable threats
  • It enables a structured way of managing all information under one roof
  • It is an effective risk management approach which reduces costs, enhances confidentiality, and integrate all organizational information
  • It promotes effective culture and well-informed employees.

ISO 27001 Certification:

This standard is designed in a way that it is compatible with other management standards. An ISMS project of a firm is largely dependent on the experience of the organizational people involved with quality management. ISO 27001 certification can be sought from the same certification body that has been approached for certifying other management standards. Notwithstanding the fact that ISO 27001 is a relevantly new standard with little evidence on its implementations, it is hence advisable for firms seeking this certification to make a prafmatic point of view about achieving this certification.