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ISO 20000 – Information Technology Service Management

Information resource serves one of the competitive edges of the contemporary digital world. Organizations have to assess the most relevant information for their business and exploit it. Such information should, however, be concise with changing business dynamics and technologies. At the same time, efficient performances and business objectives should be achieved.

ISO 20000

ISO 20000

ISO 20000 is an internationally recognised standard. It is developed specifically to develop an information technology service management system (ITSMS), which help organizations to align their business objectives with changing and advancing technologies. Just like its partner standards, ISO 22000 also aims at enhancing the organizational performances.

It would be right to state that ISO 20000 is a business improvement tool. It would be further wise to opine that ISO 22000 develops the resilience of the business service systems in response to advancing technologies.

It provides businesses with efficient IT system in place. These systems are regularly monitored and leveraged. Improvised systems to manage IT will lead nowhere but better opportunities towards improvisation and ability to deliver better customer services

How does the standard make a difference?

  • The system works in the context of the organizations’ IT service management.
  • It creates a plan for IT service management of the firm and back it up with clearly stated objectives and targets
  • ISO 22000 prepare the requirements of the service to deliver as pool
  • It defines service delivery requirements, clarify roles and responsibility
  • It engages in frequent system checks to identify need for further improvements
  • It identifies necessary opportunities for improvisation and makes the change happen.

Benefits of ISO 22000:

  • ISO 22000 is comprehensive standards focussing only on improvements of existing quality systems.
  • It engages the top management and interested parties who have a major role in the ITSMS of the firm.
  • ISO 22000directs the flow of necessary communication with relevant authorities within an organization. This ensures that various important stakeholders are engaged in this process
  • System maintenance through the audit process. It ensures that the ITSMS is consistently developed and kept on par with the latest technology
  • It leads to better consumer and supplier satisfaction

Am I Eligible?

ISO 22000 standards are available and equally relevant for all the firms who are engaged in IT service management. It is important for all IT service management firms to understand that knowledge and understanding of ISO 20000 will be an essential pre-requisite for all IT service management positions.

Irrespective of the experience of the business, IT service management standard is relevant to all those firms which are system oriented.

ISO 20000 – Management System Standards:

ISO 20000 is divided into two parts.

ISO 2000 -1 Specification: the first part of the standard specifies the minimum requirements that organizations must satisfy in order to seek certification

ISO 2000 -2. The second part of the standard specifies the codes of practices which have to be implemented and followed all over the organization.

Seeking ISO 20000 certification:

Owing to the complicated nature of technology use, it is often assumed to be a lengthy and complex process for firms to seek certification however it is not. As long as firms are able to demonstrate that they are capable of meeting the specification laid in both aspects of ISO 22000, the firm can apply for one.